Gina Lee Featured in VoyageMIA Magazine

Gina Lee of Water Pointe Realty Group was recently featured in VoyageMIA Magazine. VoyageMIA is a publication built on recommendations from the community. This is how they uncover hidden gems and feature someone who deserves recognition for its Community Highlights!

Gina Lee shares her story below:

I am a tride and true Florida Girl, who has loved living in Florida my whole life. I grew up in Central Florida but after college I move to sunny South Florida to start my family and my own business. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2009, I immediately became a self-employed entrepreneur and shortly after a first time mom. My first business became a successful branding and marketing firm which fueled my passion for content creation in the early days of social media. I went on to become a certified photographer, then video creator and ultimately applied those skills while working with various industries to create marketing content, including my own personal brand.

Providing marketing services to real estate agents for the last decade was the inspiration for a career shift in the last few years. As a third-generation native Floridian, I am carrying on the legacy of raising my own children in the beautiful Sunshine State. When I am not working in the Treasure Coast, I love living and playing in my own backyard. From the beach to nature trails and waterfront restaurants with live music, I love it all!

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?

Personally, I feel one of the biggest obstacles I have had to overcome was becoming a female entrepreneur at such a young age. I have experienced gender prejudice particularly in certain male-dominated industries and I look much younger than my real age. It has felt at times that I have had to work much harder at proving my value and establishing myself professionally when others may “judge a book by it’s cover.” But none of that has stopped me from working hard and reaching every goal I have set out to achieve. If anything, I think it fueled me to show up bigger and push harder whenever possible. My advice to any young female entrepreneur is to not let it deter you from doing whatever it is you put your mind to. With time and age comes experience so don’t ever quit because someone tells you that you won’t succeed because you are a girl or to young or not pretty enough. You are enough and you can do anything you want in this world, just look at all of the fearless females that have paved the way!

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about your work?

As a mother, I intimately understand the importance of finding the perfect home and neighborhood to raise a family. I feel that my background in marketing makes me an innovative agent with a diverse expertise in marketing the local communities I serve. As the real estate industry evolves to become more innovative and tech-savvy, so do I!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time home buyer, luxury home seller, or relocating to the Treasure Coast from out of state, I treat every one of my clients with the best customer service possible! I employ luxury home marketing techniques for every property listing, regardless of price. My clients benefit from my strong market knowledge and negotiating skills. I commit myself to being the most reliable and responsive agent in the area, around-the-clock communication is a must in this market!

We’re always looking for the lessons that can be learned in any situation, including tragic ones like the Covid-19 crisis. Are there any lessons you’ve learned that you can share?

I lost a thriving business due to the pandemic, it was really tough to watch something I built for over a decade of my life get taken away over the course of just a few months. Too many of my small business clients went out of business. The lesson there for me is to pivot to a business model that wouldn’t be reliant on the success of other small businesses. I had to move to an industry that was pandemic proof, a career where I had more control in my own destiny. The hustle is the same, but in Real Estate I not only get to serve the community that I live in and love but I get the privilege to help people make their dreams come true!

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