ROI Projects Valuable to Florida Buyers

Here is a list of top "look-for's" for Florida Home buyers.
Above is a list of top “look-for’s” for Florida Home buyers, based on current market trends.

If you’ve been looking around your home thinking it could use a little “sprucing up,” you might be interested in seeing some data about what renovation projects add the most value to your home.

Likewise, if you’re in the market for a new home, this information may help you make a quick decision about a current listing, helping you beat out other buyers in this fast-paced market.

Here are our top four projects with a high ROI from the 2019 NAR Remodeling Impact Report:

  1. New roof 107% ROI. Is it time for a new roof? 21 things to consider.
  2. New hardwood floors 106% ROI. Do the wood floors need replacing? 8 ways to know for sure.
  3. New garage door 95% ROI. A new garage door can transform a home’s exterior. Check out 10 tips for choosing the right garage door for your home.
  4. HVAC replacement 85% ROI. Love the home but worried about the HVAC? Here are 10 questions to ask before replacing or repairing an older HVAC.

While renovations can be expensive, you’ll see most of that money again when you sell if you choose your projects wisely.