Water Pointe Welcomes Emilie Torres-Malaga

Water Pointe Realty Group is excited to welcome Emilie Torres-Malaga as the newest agent in its Jupiter/Tequesta office.

Emilie is a hard working real estate agent who was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She moved to Florida in 2018 and has loved exploring different parts of the Sunshine State, but nothing compares to her love for the Jupiter area where she and her husband now live.

Emilie has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the State University of New York, and brings a unique blend of patience, empathy, and exceptional communication skills to the world of real estate. When she’s not hard at work helping clients secure their slice of Jupiter’s real estate heaven, you can find Emilie Torres-Malaga at the local beaches. Whether it’s a quiet morning walk along the pristine shores or an afternoon of beachfront picnics, she cherishes the serenity and beauty that Jupiter’s coastline offers.

Emilie’s commitment to a balanced lifestyle extends beyond the beach, as she frequents the local gyms to stay active and maintain her energy levels. She believes that a healthy body and mind are crucial for success, and she brings this same vitality to her real estate endeavors. One of Emilie’s favorite nights out is exploring Jupiter’s diverse culinary scene. With a seemingly endless array of restaurants to choose from, she loves nothing more than discovering new flavors and sharing her recommendations with both newcomers and lifelong residents.

You’ll find a real estate agent who not only understands the intricacies of the market but also the heart and soul of Jupiter in Emilie. Her passion for this vibrant community, coupled with her dedication to serving her clients, makes her the ideal partner for your real estate journey. Whether you’re searching for your dream home or considering selling your property, Emilie is your trusted guide in the world of Jupiter’s real estate.

Emilie Torres-Malaga is based out of Water Pointe Realty Group’s Jupiter/Tequesta office located at 393 Tequesta Drive. She can be reached directly by phone at  516-749-9100 or by email at Emilie@WaterPointe.com.