Digital Presence in Real Estate

Water Pointe Realty Group has prided itself on creating and maintaining personal and personable relationships with its customers. Knowing that the majority of real estate searches are performed online, the firm sent its production staff, Angel McLellan and Elizabeth Huggins-Thompson, to the National Seminars Training ‘Digital Marketing Boot Camp’ in an effort to continue Water Pointe’s edge in regards to online presence.


Both McLellan and Huggins-Thompson are marketing coordinators who manage all facets of advertising and branding for four of the firm’s locations, six partners, and more than 70 real estate agents. With an intention to expand their knowledge and skills, they attended the seminar that covered topics such as digital marketing strategies, best practices of content use, result-driving tactics, analytics and data analysis, and digital media optimization.


“Participating in this training seminar really put into perspective where we currently stand with our online pres­ence, as well as where we would like to take the company in terms of communications in the real estate industry,” said McLellan, who is based in the Willoughby office in Stuart.


According to the National Association of Realtors®, 99 percent of millennials search online websites when looking for real estate information—compared to 89 percent of Boomers and 77 percent of the Silent Generation. With these numbers, Water Pointe Realty Group understands the need to implement the latest developments on all fronts to effectively promote their elite Realtors® in the ever-growing digital marketing world. The NAR promotes the idea that real estate professionals must strive to fully harness all capabilities of online marketing in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of consumers who want convenient, accurate information.


“Water Pointe Realty Group understands the extra efforts required to keep on the cutting edge of mar­keting in the real estate industry,” said Huggins-Thompson, who is a designer based in the Sewall’s Point office. “With the completion of Digital Marketing Boot Camp, we feel better equipped to serve the relationships we develop with our clientele.”